jax's RYU UMEMOTO fanpage!


this page is a work in progress. right now its main purpose is to compile a listing of every game that umemoto worked on and links to where you can hear the music, since this info has really been scattered across the internet up to this point, as far as I can tell. I'd like everyone who is interested in his music to be able to discover and enjoy all of it like I have!

some of my commentary on the music is "original research". I try to cite/link sources when I can. it's likely that some Umemoto Scholars out there have more information than me and are already doing this work better than I can. if you are not put off by my presumptuousness/wild speculation and want to contribute corrections or additions you can contact me. also feel free to contact me if there's anything you'd like to see on this page that isn't already mentioned in my todo list below.


I reference ComunCoutinho & pedipanol's translations of umemoto's track commentary in some places here, but there's much more interesting tidbits in there that are worth checking out. many thanks to everyone involved in that. along with jackdbs and chris porter, pedipanol also sent me many links and bits of info about several of these games. special thanks also to WOWmd, chris porter, and pedipanol (again) who sent me stuff from previously unripped games!

the images and much basic info are from gamefaqs, mobygames, vndb, and vgmdb, many thanks to those contributors.

many thanks also to those who uploaded/ripped music for hoot and khinsider/zophar (whom I'd like to credit by name, please contact me if that's you!); dj.tuBIG/MaliceX and BoxCubed who are responsible for most of the umemoto rips on vgmrips; as well as acceljoe, jackdbs/japanese pc music, maru maro, translation, karm vgmc, shinkura, valley bell, and arch .5 among some others who uploaded music and footage to youtube/nicovideo.


many games that umemoto worked on contain adult content, so if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable or if you're under the age of 18, this page is safe enough but linked pages may not be. I have tried to include warnings 🔞 where appropriate but I cannot make any guarantees about what you will see on any websites linked here.

a note for info collectors/reposters: you can do whatever you want with this stuff but I'd like some kind of credit for anything you lift directly from this document, or any information you can't find elsewhere. mainly I don't want any of my speculation to be passed off as authoritative without reference to any source (lookin at you vgmpf), since that would be confusing for researchers.


rest of the games; links to bios + interviews + etc.; non-game tunes; links to fan works; other music like this; how to set up hoot; obtain/record/rip releases with no audio or hoot only.

table of contents:

Mobile Suit Gundam: Classic Operation
Mobile Suit Gundam: Hyper Classic Operation
Square Resort: Hyper Senshasen
PC-98 Gundam games
PC-98 Macross games
War-Torn Versnag
Dennou Garou
Chou Baku / Bakuretsu Shoujotai T-Backs
Dengeki Division
Seishoujo Sentai Lakers series
MSX Train games
Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman
DESIRE: Haitoku no Rasen
Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami: Futari no Rondo
Rall III: Kakuseihen
Meikyuu Gakuensai: Kyuukousha no Nazo
Kagayake! Kirakira Senshi Risky Jewel
Xenon: Mugen no Shitai
Armored Flagship Atragon
Amy to Yobonaide
EVE Burst Error
Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito
Rema the Truth
Mahou Shoujo Fancy Coco
YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World
Ryuuki Denshou 2
Magical Kanan
Be With!
Eclipse -Zettai Reido Keikaku Soushitsu Shoujo-
C.A.T.: Cyber Attack Team
Guillian Rader
Sora no Ue no Omocha
Gunjou no Sora o Koete
Ano Machi no Koi no Uta
Inaho no Mirai
StoneAge 2
Shouhei-kun no Hani-Kami Life☆
Koshitsu Byoushitsu
N-DS ????? (NotForSale) =ADV
R.U.R.U.R ~Kono Ko no Tame ni, Semete Kirei na Hoshizora o~
Dustmania Grotesque ~Kaitai Sounyuu Shinsho~

update log:

2022/05/26 - created.

2022/06/14 - version 0. finished up to yu-no except for the c's ware trio. grand opening pending those bits and revisions.

2022/06/17 - version 1. wrote up c's ware trio, added notes from pedipanol. published.

2022/06/29 - version 2. lots of small fixes/additions thanks to pedipanol, chris porter, jackdbs. added zophar links. removed acceljoe youtube links :(((, some replaced courtesy of "japanese pc music" on youtube. added 3 new games: rema the truth, ryuuki denshou 2, nonomura byouin.

2022/07/25 - version 3. more assorted small fixes and additions, including basic coverage of two additional gundam games of interest, better warnings for adult content on linked pages, links to new youtube uploads courtesy of jackdbs/japanese pc music. started looking for umemoto music in the yu-no anime thanks to a tip from pedipanol. took a closer look at the seishoujo sentai lakers music. new temp table of contents navigation. 3 new games: mayu, magical kanan, be with.

2022/08/21 - version 4. new vgmrips links. some small notes from jackdbs. 4 new games: popotan, cyber attack team, eclipse, guillian rader.

2022/12/24 - version 5. various small changes and new links. new audio for mayu, magical kanan, be with (thanks to wowmd, valleybell!); rewrote those entries. 2 new games: gunjou no sora wo koete, metin 2.

2023/06/07 - version 6. fixed and added links; youtube channel "japanese pc music" was deleted but "arch .5" now covers much of what was lost from there and acceljoe. updated msx train entry, thanks to pedipanol for sending me a rip. other assorted new info. 6 new games: ano machi no koi no uta, inaho no mirai, koshitsu byoushitsu, shouhei-kun, mystery ds game, stone age 2.

2023/07/15 - version 7. fixed and added many links, deleted a few; "arch .5" is gone, "JPC Music" is here. the turnover on these youtube channels is crazy. new audio for msx train, koshitsu byoushitsu, inaho no mirai, shouhei-kun. various little facts and additions, thanks dandalyn. 5 new games: sora no ue no omocha, rurur, contrasta, dustmania, snapdots.


some of you know I am studying to be a (music) librarian/archivist. I suppose this is my first attempt at something resembling archive work applied to video game music. when it comes to video games, people throw around the words "archive" and "preservation" around a lot on the internet, often in situations where I'm not sure it's totally appropriate. so, I dunno, for now I'll opt not to use them; my work here has really just consisted of some basic research (a lot of it deriving from other people's research) and description, which do not alone constitute archive work. I'd love to someday contribute something really new here, something that lets me take credit for those Serious Words. in the near future, that might mean tracking down digital or physical copies of some of these unripped games and extracting or recording the tunes. in the far future, I'd like to say it could mean getting in touch with folks who could get access to unpublished notes or media left behind by umemoto, and making them available to the public in some form. but for that I'd need to make a serious effort at learning some japanese and probably acquire some hardware/skills to work with old technology. who can say whether life will carry me in that direction; we'll see! until then, I hope you can find some value in what I've assembled here. thanks for reading!


-jax (6/14/22)