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what do you charge for music?

it depends on a lot of things like your budget, the size of the project, how cool I think it is, how complicated the music will be to produce, etc. for perfectly average single-track projects I often charge $40 for a track. I might like to charge more eventually...

can I use your music for (thing)??

probably but we need to talk first. any music that I made for other games that released is probably off-limits. you're also not allowed to sell the thing unless we negotiate some kinda fee. I may reject your request for a variety of other reasons. but mostly I just like to keep tabs on where my music gets used.

will you listen to this thing I made/give me tips???

yeah! just might take me a little while to get back to you. feel free to poke me if I said I would do something and then disappeared for like, a week.