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  1. new PXTUNES out now!


    for the latest pxtunes we all picked favorite tunes from classic (and some new) game boy games to make fresh arrangements of. the album is as always really fun and varied. some of your favorite games are here as well as some you've never heard of. for my part I covered 7 tunes from kaeru no tame ni kane wa naru, an early totaka masterpiece and one of my favorite soundtracks ever. it's all organized into a single suite towards the end of the album; I guess this is "one of my longest tracks ever", but only because it is actually several tracks. in any case it was a ton of work and involved some new experiments, so I hope you'll enjoy! some parts can also be examined on ptweb.

  2. BLOG #5 published


    my latest blog is about "preserving" vgm and computer music, and the ways people have been doing that on the internet. it's my longest one yet and approaches the topic from a lot of different angles, informed by my many years making and collecting this music and my recent library science studies. thanks to everyone who has enjoyed these in the past! more coming next year probably...

  3. TRIANGLE featured at spin rhythm xd tournament


    theway123 approached me a while back about adapting one of my tunes into a playable chart for the rhythm game spin rhythm xd. we settled on "triangle" since it has plenty of little rhythm quirks. he really did something cool with it! a ton of the details come through in the chart. it's apparently also quite hard! enough so to get picked up for the final round of a recent tournament. thanks to theway123 and to the players and organizers, this was real cool for me to watch.

  4. demo track for COBVOICE


    a new pack of designer ptvoice instrument patches for pxtone is now available!! designed by recent pxtunes contributor cob. me and damifortune wrote new demo tunes for this release, using only cobvoice instruments. it was fun! there's a lot of good sounds in there. pxtoners can download COBVOICE here, demo tracks included. you can also check out my track "the voice of cob" on ptweb!

  5. drums for "DISTANT ISLANDS" by hunter van brocklin


    my friend hunter van brocklin aka damifortune released a fantastic new album of experimental snes chiptune on premier weirdo computer music netlabel IiIypad. he invited me to record some live drums for a new glitched-up, refreshed iteration of his microtonal swing jam "welcome to dragon airlines". that's track #3 on the album but the rest comes highly recommended. over on my youtube I also uploaded a video of me playing!

  6. "PADDY'S PORTAGE" for ludum dare 53


    spacespy invited me to make some music for his entry to ludum dare, a "game jam" competition where you make a game based on a theme in just a few days. the theme was "delivery" and we made a little game about a bird sneaking around with a big crate. art by ianthebee! my contribution is pretty much just one jazzy spy tune with a few little variations. made with pxtone, of course. the game is pretty cool! scoring for the competition is not done yet but people seem to like it. you can check it out for FREE!



    I wrote "indignant dance music" for sample pack contest, a recurring event where a bunch of people make music with the same limited set of samples. I always find these pretty inspiring so I'm glad I got to do it again. this was made with pxtone but it is quite a genre experimentation for me... as you will hear. check out the sample pack contest website to listen to some other entries and also read a much lengthier comment about my tune. you can also listen/watch on ptweb.

  8. crab


    the newest pxtunes album is out now... and it is "crab". featuring lots of creative computer music as usual and my first ever proper microtonal tune. please enjoy!

  9. SUPER CAKEBOY has returned!


    this small free game by my pal syaxamaphone was originally made to appear as a bonus game in "war girl". now it's getting a special standalone release! in addition to the tunes I and zerethn wrote for it some years back, I whipped up one fresh new chiptune and some sfx for this occasion.

  10. new remix for MONOLITH: 5TH ANNIVERSARY


    a new MONOLITH remix album has been released in celebration of the game's 5th anniversary. I wrote a wacky pxtone-prog remix of the tune "gone fishing" for it! the original music was made by my old pal garoslaw using pxtone, and a bunch of us also remixed it a couple years back for PXTUNES. a truly great soundtrack! it was honor to join some great composers on this special tribute album.

  11. check out SUPER SECRET PORTA


    the latest PXTUNES is a sequel to last year's holiday cover exchange, featuring many new artists and lots of mindblowing tunes! I got to write some crazy prog rock for a cover of a great tune by stardiscs, and metoria did a lovely cover of a jaxcheese classic "welcome nowhere". happy porta day!

  12. SELECTIONS #8!!


    new ALBUM featuring assorted tunes I made in 2022. a lot of this stuff is very special to me! it was a good year... thank you for listening!

  13. MEGA SERVAL is out!


    the latest syaxamaphone game is a free mega man-like featuring characters from the "kemono friends" game/show. I made some chiptune-y sfx from scratch using famitracker! including recreations of a couple iconic lines. it is very cute and FREE!

  14. new halloween PXTUNES!


    the latest PXTUNES album is full of original spooky tunes, just in time for halloween. as always great diversity of styles and lots of creative ideas on this one, including a lot of vocals! applied in various ways. we had so much fun making this one, please enjoy...
    you can also examine my contribution to the album on ptweb.

  15. DREAMREND music out now!


    some more old work that I am excited to share! I worked on this one 2019-2020. it was a special opportunity to work on something with a story and lots of cool characters/symbols/themes etc. and to experiment with genre a little! this one is less chiptuney and has some guitars and some jazz and even a little bit of microtones in one tune. fun stuff! the game was also shaping up to be something really cool and unique and I'm looking forward to what this developer will do next... listen here.

  16. YAN'S WORLD soundtrack is out!


    I worked on yan's world ~2016-2020, using famitracker in a certain configuration to mimic the virtual boy, after which this game was styled. later in development the great Baycun joined in to contribute some additional tracks. most of the music went unreleased until now, since the game has been in an uncertain state for a while. this release compiles a ton of music, including some stuff that was cut from the game and some bonus sketches and alternate takes. listen here!

  17. special intro tune for new LSSQ video


    the latest LSuperSonicQ video is a special collab with Sakura Stardust and features a new opening animation by CC Short + a new jazzy remix of my old LSSQ theme! I'll put this one on the next selections release, stay tuned...

  18. new PXTUNES out now!


    the latest PXTUNES album from the pxtone discord server is here! we did new arrangements of music from daisuke amaya's freeware shmup GUXT. this is another big, varied, incredibly creative release. my main contribution was an umemoto/pc98 pastiche-arrange of the "game over" music, which you can also check out on ptweb.

  19. MECHANISMS out now!


    new little weird side project released today: a series of experiments in digital minimalism using pxtone. the goal was to use pxtone's delay effect to make tunes that contain very minimal "event data" but still develop in interesting ways over time. lots more info on how this works and downloads on bandcamp; also check my ptweb to check out the ptcops for yourself.

  20. RYU UMEMOTO fanpage launch


    today I released the first version of my ryu umemoto fanpage, dedicated to the work of a groundbreaking game composer. so far it's mainly a chronology of everything he worked on up to YU-NO, compiled from around the net, with some commentary. I hope this helps more people discover some of my most favorite music! I think much of this info is little-known; some of it may even be new observations. many of the available listings of his work are incomplete or contradict each other. this stuff has long needed a close, comprehensive look and I'm glad I got to be the first one to try it. see the page for more details...

  21. collab w/damifortune in SPRING TRACKS XI


    me and damifortune aka hunter van brocklin made a tune "in full bloom" together for SPRING TRACKS XI on battleofthebits. we collaborated in real time using ptcollab (thanks sidedishes)! it was a joy to work with such a creative partner and I got to experiment with lots of new things here. also listen/download on ptweb. the track won gold in pxtone and 6th place overall!

  22. website launched!


    I made this website as a project for one of my library school classes. but I like it a lot! so I'm going to look into getting a nice url soon so I can share it with the world. you may not be reading this until after that happens...

  23. made a little tune for a LUDUM DARE 50 game


    got invited to work on DATEGAME for the LUDUM DARE 50 game jam by a couple of friends-of-pxtone-friends, aeon and cyber. we started late so it was a bit of a time crunch. the jam's theme was "delay the inevitable"; in the game you are on a date and have to delay your date's enragement and departure. originally we planned to have layers of the music disappear as she became angrier, but we didn't have time to implement this. the tune will be released on "selections #8" sometime in the future.



    today my pxtone pal neozoid released their beautiful, challenging undersea shoot-em-up ASTRONAUTILUS. because many of us at "pxtunes" were big fans of the game and its made-with-pxtone soundtrack, neo and I organized a new PXTUNES remix album, also available today. in fact, if you play ASTRONAUTILUS enough you can even unlock these remixes as alternate soundtracks in-game. I also helped a little with some audio editing for the game. this is a very special project, please enjoy!

  25. blogs #3 and #4 published today


    might fill out old news eventually...

  26. "Selections #7: Selectricity" is out!


  27. "SECRET PORTA" is out


  28. new blog "gongon with the wind" published


  29. "PXTUNES 5th Anniversary" is out!


  30. "JAXTONE HISTORY" vols. 1-3 out today


  31. 10 years of pxtone!


  32. my first blog!


  33. check out "Beetlemania"


  34. "MONOLITH Remix Album" is out!


  35. "Confrontations" premiered


  36. "Kero Blaster" stream w/ remixes


  37. "Kero Rhythm Fan Arrangements" is out!


  38. "Ice Demon" is on steam now!